Efficiency Grid is 30 years of combined experience delivering energy efficiency to hotel buildings. The result is a revolutionary new model for energy services.

Our total dedication is delivering Negawatt (NW) savings performance, not just selling pieces. We`re using Big Data to bring our results to the market in new ways.

The formula is pretty simple: We manufacture our own equipment, can fund our clients projects and focus on low-hanging fruit (occupancy based controls in 24h buildings).

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The result of focusing on smart projects.

Current monthly Efficiency Grid NW savings.

The environmental side of the triple bottom line.

Since product launch in October 2013.

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Wilmington, DE 6/16/2014. Efficiency Grid LLC (Efficiency Grid - “Savings on Demand”) announces the recent addition of two new key management team members, reinforcing its scientific and technology oriented approach to hotel building energy control.
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Wilmington, DE 03/27/2014. Efficiency Grid LLC (Efficiency Grid - “Savings on Demand”) is being launched with the goal of developing the world’s largest integrated network of automated energy efficiency (EE) and demand response (ADR), driven by hotel buildings.
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Ing. Mariano Chabert - Director T&S Energía, Santo Domingo
"I am an electro-mechanical engineer with over 20 years of experience working with HVAC and mechanical systems and my business partner sits on the board of the national electric company of the Dominican Republic. We believe the ECOSYSTEM is a high quality product and very effective at reducing energy in hotels where there is significant wasted kWh."
Doron Danon - MD Smart Hotel Solutions, Melbourne
"The ECOSYSTEM is a good improvement over the previous products on the market. So far we have installed over 200 rooms with the new ECOSYSTEM range and have seen good results without any problems."

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